Simple Ideas to Capture the Early Days of Parenting

By | July 6, 2017

Most parents are amazed by how fast their children seem to grow up. Years fly by and suddenly the infant is going to school. Fortunately, there are several blogs online operated by Moms who offer simple ideas for capturing those early days to avoid forgetting little things. Birthdays, the first day of school, family vacations, and first steps are typically caught on video, but there are so many moments that come and go without much notice. One way to keep track of little incidents is to maintain a “Mom Journal”. Write down the funny things the child says, stories about that first bath, or a delightful reaction to a person or specific food. A favorite storybook, the name of the stuffed animal that went everywhere she did, or that cartoon movie watched over and over are some examples of details that are easily forgotten over the years.

Another idea is to take pictures once a month on the same day for the first six months. Infants change constantly and a picture on the tenth of each month will highlight those changes. Date the pictures and keep them in order. After the first six months, take a picture on the same day each year. Keep them together in a specific box and label it with the name of the child, if siblings are added to the mix. Going through those every so often will bring back memories. Add in drawings, report cards, and small homemade gifts given to round out the components. Continuing this activity through high school or college years will provide a complete picture of the child. The end result is perfect for a graduation or wedding gift, or parents can keep the boxes to show their grandchildren.

Many other clever and unique ideas abound on blog sites created by parents. Browse through some and you may even see this today in more detail, or gather other ideas to record early years of the children. Setting up an innovative and attractive home page is fast and easy. Writing a blog takes no special training or expert knowledge on the subject of parenting. It only takes a willingness to share experiences, invite other parents to join discussions, and update content. Advertisements and helpful links to products or services will provide additional income. Find a blog platform that suits the purposes and style of presentation to set up your own page.